Friday, 28 February 2014

Air Swimmers Macam best~~

Hi guys.. wanna share about Air Swimmers that will capture our heart. Heee. Looks at this fresh ideas makes me think that, human and nature cannot be seperate.  =)
Hehe.Niway, this stuff is in several species of fish. But our Malaysia actress, Amber Chia I think already promote about it but there was an Angry bird one..cute right?

We can control it like we control the airplane control. Kereta kontrol.. 
Felt like wanna have one. =)

PSM vs MUET vs Graduate

Assalammualaikum and very good day..
Hi, long time being here. Well, PSM student. PSM stand for Projek Sarjana Muda. In common, we called it FYP (Final Year Project).

In busying with PSM, we also stressed with words called MUET.

Aniway, Alhamdulillah, first time sat for MUET exam in 2010 which I am a diploma student that time, I got Band 3 result.
MUET tu apa? MUET stand for Malaysian University English Test.
UTHM is targeting all their students is Band 3 for graduation.
 Our university want to produce a student with average English skills. Its positive actually.
But.. the practical must be move together. I mean, unversity should compulsory for all student to sit the MUET class since first year until last year that provided for free.
Tak tau mcammana nak cakap pasal ni.. takut3 tersilap cakap..Nanti kena ban. Sekarang ni semua orang pandai2. Keyboard warrior di mana2. Apatah lagi penggunaan teknologi yang saya sangat kagumi sampai sekarang iaitu PRINT SCREEN jugak banyak yang di salah guna oleh sesetengah pihak untuk menyampaikan ketidak puashatian mereka.
Apapon, sntiasa menyokong usaha positif pihak universiti.
Buat kawan2, buat sehabis baik. Saya faham keperitan yang ditanggung setiap kali melihat result yang sama even beberapa kali dah mencuba. Doa saya sentiasa bersama anda. InsyaAllah, INI KALILAH.

Niway, there was several tips that I used to do when I was kid. . Not telling you that I am clever. No even once. Huhu. Just a simple tips I like to share..

1. Reading.

I can read and write properly only when I was 10 years. A bit late right? Among my friends, I am the dumb one. Even not so, but we can say that.. Haha.
When I was 8 or 9, my late father (Al-Fatihah) will teach me everytime he came back home from work. He assign me to read a news paper and will ask me to read it in front him. One thing I remember, I cant read the three combined words, example "ME-NYAM-PAI"..just then I was... piappp.. kena tibai. Jaluq baq hang..
Kadang3 kena turun 100~~.Hehe.. melalut plak.Ok2.

- Time dok saja2, baca news letter in English. Fahamkan ayat even tak berapa nak faham. Ini bertujuan untuk familiarkan words English.
- If we are reading a lots, we can synchronized the words.. So, next time when we want to create a words, we know whether it is suit or not. SO, read a lots.

2. Listening.

My late father like to listen to Robbie Williams songs every morning. Some of his several favorite song is Better Man, Supreme, She's The One and many more. Everyday no skip. Sometimes he will louder the speaker to wake all his kids from sleep. T_T Miss that. I really miss him.

- Based on that, try tp listen to your favorite song in English. Then...

- Take a piece of paper and write the lyrics without seeing the real one. Even broken, keep write it until satisfy. Only then you compare it to the real one. Betoi ka x? Hehe.
Sambil3 tu, hayati lyric. Syahduu ja if lagu sdih~~.

3. Watching.

I have a habit to watch the movie that I like only..hehe. Of course la kan.. kui4..
Ok, we can try by watch a cartoons. Its fun and of course it benefit to us. =) (I <3 Shrek)

Added tips: Take note of the pronunciation, how the words are used, and understand what the actors are saying.
Try to understand the words and try to dive into the meaning. Means, watch movie and hayatinya. =)

4. Practise make perfect.

- Its nothing when you just write and do exercise without practise it in real world. Just let your broken English out, so that the good will come in. Hehe.
- Do it with your friends, family, lecturers and others. InsyaAllah.

5. Singing.

-Like I said above, I like to sing in English..Even my voice can make all of you cant sleep for three month..haha. Just sing and sing.. Maybe you can follow the song through lyric and make sure that time the pronounce is well (Because you see the lyric). hehe.

6. Asking.

- Asking friends for correct your words if you do wrong. There was no shame things.

7. Typing / Tweeting / Faceboking / Blogging / Texting / Pm-ping.

- As we always do, all your post must be in English. Tak da sapa nak marah kita nak lontarkan idea. Tambah2 kat Tweeter. I am the one who always do spam long time ago. What I like to spam is my own quotes. I do love quotes. It give me a spirit to face the world everyday. Hehe..

Hah..daripada menulis benda2 yg tak masuk pekdah, apakata try cakna isu semasa. Maksudnya berikan pandangan anda yang tidak terlalu drastik dan good idea untuk sesuatu isu. Dari situ, kita dapat mengasah minda kita untuk menghasilkan sesuatu yang bagus secara tak langsung, kita dah brain storming idea dan mana tau, time writing nanti dapat tajuk yang sama. Alhamdulillah.. ^_^.
Most important, No need to be shy for your broken. People who laugh to another will never grow up. Just let them go with their own life. We, just grow as we plan. =)

8. Right things be done in right manner.

-What I means is, try to write an English word in right way and properly. Do not use short cut. Try make it habit. Example, word CANT, supposedly we write as CAN'T right..
We need to appreciate the words. =)

9. Doa /  Tawakal / Mohon padaNya.

- Daripada apa yang kat atas ni, Ini paling penting nakkk.. Solat jangan tinggal.
- Doa semoga dipermudahkan segalanya dan beroleh keputusan terbaik.
- Tawakal. Ada lagi next MUET. This is not the end of life. Everyone is helping. Ok.
- Ask pray from parent/family/lec/friends.

Thats all for today. Saya juga sedang belajr dan belajar.
Speaking saya hancur, kadang nak sebut benda lain, keluar sebutan lain.. Tak caya tanya admin 2 yang selalu betulkan sebutan saya.. Hehe..
Whatever it is, I'll try no matter what. Don't stop. There is no ENDING for SUCCESS.